About Us

With A Single Rice Manufacturing Factory in the beginning of our journey, today we are one of The Leading Rice Manufacturer in India. Our business speaks for itself as we house the modernised and state-of-the-art Rice Shelling & Sorting plants.


Being one of the Best Basmati Rice Exporter, we hold our business operations in the world. With every single grain cleaned thoroughly at the rice miller to remove all sorts of stalks and foreign material, our rice possess the superior quality and a divine fragrance as expected by the consumer.


Establishing the first Plant in Thailand with a Japanese Technology to follow in the procedures, We has made a name in the rice production and export field. SK Rice Group Is One Of The World’s Largest And Most Trusted Thai Rice Exporters, Providing Buyers With Superior Quality Thai Rice For Many Years.

After a successful set up in Thailand, India became their next destination, where we established a new Rice Mill with German Bhuler Plant Equipped with Modernized Machines of Processing, Cleaning and Packing. With this we have extended our business in northern India with ultra-modern machinery to produce the supreme quality Basmati and Parboiled Rice.


We believe in the value of our customers and are always moving forward deliver the quality they desire. Our export operations extend to countries like Benin, Nigeria, Niger, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, African Sub Continent, Egypt, Middle Eastern Countries, European Countries, Australia, And Singapore Etc. Our very dedicated and skilled professionals are wholly involved in improving the quality meticulously with to cater to your tastes.